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Itchen Abbas Primary School

Gardening Club

Each week. Mrs Rogers kindly donates her time to support our school garden. We will post updates and photos of her hard work, along with the children who support her.

We have had two sessions so far and have started to make a wildflower strip of grass near the veg patches that the children planted primroses in, we have also hung up 2 home made bird feeders and under extreme wet conditions this week we have planted up a herb bed.  All the group were very keen to get the jobs done even in the wind and rain! 

Here is the herb bed.  Bulbs are also up nicely in the veg patches.  


We have had a few dry lunchtime sessions with planting of snowdrops by the fence and a few other plants to attract pollinators. Bulbs given by Mr Clapp 2 years ago are doing well and will be moved into the garden after flowering. Children have learnt to keep trying, when willow stick stars turned out a bit harder to weave into a star shape! 

Here is also a photo of one of the star wands we made today in WKD club!


On a cold day in late November we focused on owls as the nights are now drawing in early, and some children said they had heard them at home after dark.  We flew as quietly as owls could fly across the playing field and talked about feathers and how they were shaped so as to enable silent flying.  The owls then went searching for food such as voles and mice, returning back to our garden area hooting as either a barn owl, tawny or little owl.

The children designed some bright owl faces out of leaves but I think they enjoyed the hooting best!

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