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Itchen Abbas Primary School



  1. School policies, such as discipline, dress, sport, bullying and homework

  2. Long term plans and the future of the school

  3. How the school budget will be spent

  4. How the school will try to reach performance targets

  5. Drafting the annual report to parents

  6. Appointment and dismissal of staff

  7. Complaints from pupils, staff and parents

  8. Repair and maintenance of school buildings

  9. Use of school premises outside school hours


Details of the governors’ constitution are available here. The role of the school governors is to give a long-term strategic direction to how the school is run; to be critical friends to the school; and to ensure the school is accountable for its actions.

Meetings and minutes

The full governing body typically meet twice per term although additional meetings may be scheduled. Access to the minutes of these meetings is available on request from the school - please note that confidential items (such as discussion of personnel issues) will be withheld. There is always an unavoidable delay for publication because the minutes of a meeting are only approved at the next such meeting and cannot therefore be released earlier.

Newsletter, individual responsibilities, attendance & contact

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