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Itchen Abbas Primary School

Our Rewards & Consequences

Our ethos aims to develop in pupils an acceptance and recognition of their responsibilities for their own decisions and actions. We believe that all behaviour is a message and in order to understand what has happened and how we can help the child to move on or make progress in improving their behaviour, we need to understand what the message is. 

Good behaviour is promoted through a simple system of codes of conduct with clear expectations for all members of the school community.

Itchen Abbas Behaviour Policy

The Itchen Abbas School Rainbow Rules were developed through the School Council and children.  Children are taught that they also have a responsibility to ensure they adhere to the rules in order to ensure they are safe, happy and able to learn.  

Class Charters are established through negotiation at the start of the school year and revisited as and when necessary.


Our Rewards

Star Cards
We are given stars when we have worked hard on a piece of work. These are to celebrate our learning. When we reach 20 stars we recieve a bronze certificate, 40 a silver certificate and 60, a gold certificate.

Golden Fish
To celebrate when we have used our learning values in an exceptional way.

Team Points
We are given these for good behaviour and attitudes.  We also get them for being respectful and following our rainbow rules around the school.

Wow Letters
My teacher will give me a Wow Letter to take home and show my parents when I have done some fantastic work.


Our Consequences

If I am breaking the rainbow rules or being disrespectful, this is what will happen:

  1. The adult will give me a verbal warning.
  2. I will then be moved to a different place in the classroom.
  3. I will then miss a break time or part of lunch break and my name will be placed in the Behaviour Log. I will complete an ABCC sheet to reflect on my choices.
  4. If my name is put in the Behaviour Log twice, I will be sent to see the Headteacher.
  5. If my name is put in the Behaviour Log three times, my class teacher will contact my parents.
  6. If my name is put in the Behaviour Log four times, there will be a meeting with the Headteacher, my parents and myself.

No Chance Behaviour

No chance behaviour is being verbally or physically aggresive to another person or equipment. If this happens, I go straight to see the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher. I will complete an ABCC sheet to reflect on my choices with an adult and my parents will be contacted. 

At Itchen Abbas Primary School we follow the Hampshire County Council guidelines relating to exclusions. Please follow the link to access their website for more informaton.

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