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Itchen Abbas Primary School

Meet the Governors

Who are the Governors of Itchen Abbas Primary School for the academic year 2019-20?

Find out more about our school governors in the sections below, or about the responsibilities of a Governor in the main Governors section of the website.


Beccy Clark - Co-opted

beccy clark

Name: Rebecca Clark
Pecuniary Interests: None
Category: Co-opted
Appointed by: Governing Body
(Years and end date)

4 years 


Committee Membership:  

Vice Chair

Link Gov to Squirrels Class (Year R and 1)

Head Teacher Performance Management

Catherine Cronin - Staff Governor

catherine cronin
Catherine Cronin
Staff Governor


Name: Catherine Cronin
Pecuniary Interests: None
Category: Staff Governor
Appointed by: Staff
(Years and end date)

4 years


Committee Membership:  


Health and Safety

Aimee Dear - Headteacher

aimee dear

Name                                Aimee Dear  
Pecuniary Interests:          None  
Category:                           Head Teacher  
Appointed by:                     N/A  
Term                                    N/A
(Years and end date)
Committee Membership:   N/A  
Responsibilities:                 N/A  

Barbara Dobson - LA

barbara dobson

Name: Barbara Dobson
Pecuniary Interests: None
Category: LA
Appointed by: Governing Body
(Years and end date)

4 year 


Committee Membership: Resources


Link Gov to Foxes Class (Year 6)

Jo Smith (Clerk) 

Name:                                          Jo Smith  
Pecuniary Interests:                    None  
Category:                                     Clerk  
Appointed by:                              Governing Body  


(Years & End date)                       N/A

Committee Membership:             N/A  
Responsibilities                            N/A

Caroline O'Brien - Parent 

Photo Coming soon!

Name:                                         Caroline O'Brien  

Pecuniary Interests:                   After School Art Club Leader

                                                   Occasional Supply Teacher


Category:                                   Parent  
Appointed by:                            Parents  

Term:                                          4 years

(Years & End date)                    18/10/2020

Committee Membership:          N/A  

Responsibilities:                       Head Teacher Performance Management


Will Barrett - Parent 

Photo Coming soon!

Name:                                        Will Barrett  
Pecuniary Interests:                  Director of a construction business  
Category:                                   Parent  
Appointed by:                            Parents  

Term:                                          4

(Years & End date)                     13/12/21

Committee Membership:           Resources  
Responsibilities                           Finance & Budget  

Sharon Priest - Co-opted 

Name Sharon Priest
Pecuniary Interests:   None
Category: Co-opted
Appointed by: Governors


(Year & End date)



Committee Membership: Resources

Link Gov to Hedgehogs Class (Year 2 and 3)

Child Protection & Safeguarding, Pupil Welfare, LAC, Inclusion, SEN and Pupil Premium

Attendance 2019-20

  Full Governing Body Resources Committee
  Number should have attended: Number  attended: Number should have attended: Number  attended:
Will Barrett 6 5 5 5
Rebecca Clark 6 5 0 0
Catherine Cronin 6 6 0 0
Aimee Dear 6 6 5 5
Barbara Dobson 6 6 5 5
Richard Hunt (Stepped down Autumn 2019) 1 1 0 0
Caroline O'Brien 6 5 0 0
Chris Martin 6 4 0 0
Jo Smith 6 6 0 0
Chris Young 6 5 5 5

Sharon Priest

(Joined Autumn 2019)

5 5 5 5


Music MarkOfsted