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Itchen Abbas Primary School

Our Learning

At Itchen Abbas, we understand how important it is that the children develop good learning behaviours and attitudes. Evidence shows that for people to be confident, they need four traits – a growth mindset, resilience, courage (to take risks) and self-compassion. These link strongly to our school values displayed on our ‘Heart Tree’ and we focus on these qualities with the children. We aim for them to develop confidence in themselves as people and as learners. To support this, we encourage children to think about 'Confidence Powers' and 'Learning Powers'.

Our Confidence Powers are:
Growth Mindset
Courage (Heart)

Our Learning Powers are:
Review and
Small Steps.

At Itchen Abbas we want children to feel challenged and be able to take risks in their learning; having the self-confidence and positivity to give it a go, even if they think they might make mistakes. We help our children to appreciate that mistakes are important as it is only through trying new things that we can learn. 

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